Experience our fairy tale Island

While you are attending the conference you might as well enjoy some of the many things the city of Odense and the island of Funen have to offer. At the conference our come closer guides can help you pick between the many experiences, whether you have a day or an hour to spend.
For now, we hope these 9 fun facts will inspire you

  • On Funen you find the Danish center of robotics
  • You can visit more than 123 castles and manors around the island
  • The sweet delicacy ‘brunsviger’ from Funen can be bought from most local bakeries
  • The island has a vast number of farm shops and roadside stalls
  • Odense is the hometown of the worldwide famous poet H.C. Andersen
  • Svendborg is known to be the Danish city with the largest number of pubs per. inhabitant
  • Funen is surrounded by 96 beautiful small islands and many of them have ferry services from the mainland
  • The islands many small breweries are known for producing excellent beers made with local ingredients
  • The conference is held in Odeon in the middle of the town with experiences right outside the venue doors.

Odense / Funen

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