Instructions for PowerPoint (/Prezi presentations)

We kindly ask you to follow the instructions to ensure a successful and smooth progress of the timetable.

In each auditorium there is a laptop available (Windows or Apple) which you are kindly requested to use.

Please hand in your presentation in the Speakers PREP room: Room number 108 at the first floor in Odeon. Please bring your presentation on a USB stick saved in a version compatible with PowerPoint version 10 and please make sure the file is with your full name! The presentations will be at widescreen format 16×9.

Professional technicians will help you to transfer your presentation on the provided computers. In order to avoid queues and delays you must contact the technicians in the Speakers PREP room preferably the day before your presentation or in the morning no later than two hours before your presentation.

The technicians will be present on June 10th 2018 at 18:00 to 20:00 to assist speakers for Monday morning as well as during all days of the congress. If you are going to make a Prezi presentation we would like to know in advance, so send us an email.

If you prefer to use your own laptop for special reasons you should bring your own adaptor as well. In case of doubt, contact a local assistant.